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Soon, the search for  a new project, themed on "Red"  will begin.  Featuring amatuer and unknown models, combined with themed scenes will be on hand. 

Check back for updates and additional information.

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This Red Fire Box, is a true part of Fire Department History, across the United States.

The origins go to telegraph  days, when the boxes, when activated, would use morse code type information, to automatically notify Local FireFighters of the need for help.


In the days before telephones everywhere, Americaons came to rely on these is cities to summon help,


Some are still in use today, as this Fire Alarm  Box Number  8, located in Downtown York, PA.

Photographs of various parts and participants in the Victory Parade, held in Baltimore, Maryland on January 5, 2013.


The last 4 photographs in the set, show the crowd, which overran the temporary fencing, chasing after Ray Lewis, at the end of the Parade.

The photographs of the Baltimore City Police Department, forming up and marching all available officers, to assist in crowd control, finish the group.

Dog Walk, Hoboken, New Jersey
Portriat, Day with my Aunt

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